My Professional Associates

Over the past year and a half the demand to work with someone who not only has an understanding of, but experience in, working with gender, sexuality and relationship diverse communities has increased. In order to better meet this need I am expanding my practice to include a number of associates, who share my passion for challenging structural oppression and discrimination. My associates all have their own separate private practices, but I shall also be referring to them, providing supervision, and only taking on as associates those professionals who commit to the same levels of inclusion and anti oppressive practice which is at the heart of my work. I will refer to an associate where appropriate, where the associate has the right skill set, and where it is in a client, or potential clients best interests.

Gareth DaviEs

Coaching in the Round

I started Coaching In The Round to enable me to work with coaching clients outside my existing career. In my day job I’m doing many of the things I do in coaching discussions; it’s about stories, choices and context. My job is to listen, to question, to understand and to enable the people or organisations I’m working with. My coaching starts from the belief that people are the experts in their own history and experiences. I also believe that in order to help people choose the right path now I have to recognize the intersections of identity and experience that have defined and influenced their journey.

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