Training and Consultancy

As well as being the Diversity and Inclusion Manager for a National LGBT+ charity I offer bespoke training and consultancy to organisations from the micro to the multinational. Many organisations and businesses are concerned about meeting their requirements under the Equality Act, but there is also an increasing understanding and awareness that when all sections of the community see themselves in an organisation, be that as employees, customers, service users, patients or any other role, everyone benefits.

My background as a trainer comes from my work as a teacher and in developing the teacher trainer program of the largest chain of English Schools in Taiwan. Responsible for the training of over 600 teachers I was determined to offer the type of training I would want to attend. Having the flexibility to work with you as part of the  package, in devising something unique to your needs is so important to how I work. To show the diversity of training packages I have delivered suicide awareness training to The North East Ambulance Service, Trans inclusion Training to Northumbria University, and in depth gender, sexuality and relationship diversity training to counsellors from Outreach Cumbria.

In consultancy I also take an individualistic and tailored for your specific needs approach. Most recently I have worked with Berwick Town Council, devising and delivering a wide scale consultation with the LGBT+ community, as well as working with the council to ensure all of their policies and procedures meet with the needs of all their LGBT+ residents and visitors. Consultancy involves looking over every aspect of how you work, and ensuring not only policies and procedures are suitable but if necessary writing new forms, policy documents, working guidelines and staff manuals for you. I am passionate about inclusion at every level, and believe it should matter as much to sole traders and parish councils as it should to multinationals and government departments.

If you would like to know more you can call me on 07442808719 or email