Welcome, and thank you for visiting my site

I offer online, telephone and in person counselling. Online options can be particularly useful to a number of people, because of time, location, disability, convenience, family commitments, or other reasons. Sessions can take place either via webcam, or instant messaging. I currently work with people from across the world, including expats who find online counselling ideal for their needs.

I also offer conventional  face to face sessions based in the Stocksfield or Prudhoe in the  Tyne Valley, Northumberland

I also am able to offer walking therapy, many people find they benefit from not being in an office, especially if they have previous negative experiences of harm or abuse from those in authority. I have a number of routes, which can suit a variety of mobilities. Research shows that being out in nature is itself benefical, and walking therapy whilst relatively new is increasingly popular. If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Sessions usually last for 50 minutes, usually take place weekly, and whether in person or online I adhere to the values, and ethical framework of the BACP. A copy of this, and their complaints procedure are available upon request. I am also fully insured and have a DBS check.

If you would like to discuss counselling further you can contact me on Northumberlandcounselling@gmail.com call 07442808719 or use the contact form.

Finally, thank you for reading, sometimes simply clicking a link is the first, most vital step.



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