Can Counselling Help Me?

Many people find that counselling has helped them through some of the most difficult times of their lives. Counselling provides a safe space where you can explore your issues and problems with someone trained and experienced. As a counsellor I am committed to being  non judgemental and open-minded at all times.

Deciding to engage in therapy is not a sign of weakness, it is the very opposite, a sign of strength and a determination to change. My own training was pluralistic. This means I have learnt, and use a variety of different techniques and interventions from different schools of therapy. My heart however is person centered, I believe in people, and that with the right tools, support and space we can all make positive change in our lives. Counselling is not about advice in my view but about walking alongside you as you find the solutions which work for you.

If you look through the drop down list of issues counselling can help with you may find one which  is relevant to you. However this is not an exclusive list, if you feel you have a problem which is not covered, and  are wondering  if counselling could help, don’t hesitate to email on

Remember you have already taken a courageous step in even considering counselling. Be proud of that fact.


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