Policies and FAQ

The therapeutic relationship is both a complex and an incredibly simple one. People bring those things which have very often been hidden in darkness into the light, as I walk alongside,  guiding, and building a safe space to do so.

The safety of the therapeutic space is something which is vital. So, what can appear to be dry and dusty (policy documents for example) are in fact a living embodiment of my commitment to creating that space that can be used to explore, grow, challenge and heal. With this in mind I have decided to collect my different policies, statements, and documents in one place. Some of these may be familiar, others less so

Personal Boundaries Statement.

Data Protection may feel like a million miles away from building a therapeutic relationship, but again, it is around creating a safe space for change to take place in. I am sure not all people coming to therapy want to read full polices, but some will, so here is my information governance policy (which complies with the GDPR) and here is a shorter FAQ which also includes a copy of my contract and social media policy.

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