Distress over sexual orientation/gender identity

There is a narrative that the only issues someone has when “coming out” are with their fears of the reactions of others. It is true we have to, sadly, consider safety when we tell people intimate facts about ourselves, one of the reasons the concept of inviting in can be more useful then coming out. However the simplisitc narrative ignores the very real, and internal distress and pain many gender and sexual minorities struggle with.

I have specialist training in working with people struggling with their sexual or gender identities. The GRACE model can be very helpful in this work, and I have written previously how a Person Centered heart can also be useful.

If you are struggling even reaching out for help can be frightening, having to admit to another person that you are having thoughts or feelings which you are ashamed of is a huge step. However, it is possible to move forward, with the right support, and reconcile those parts of yourself which feel at war.

If you are interested in counselling, or would like to find out more, please get in touch on @northumberlandcounselling@gmail.com. Your email will be treated in the strictest confidence, and lastly, by even reading this page you have taken a vital first step.