How Does Online Counselling Work?

More and more people are finding that online counselling provides the flexibility and convenience they need. It can be the ideal solution for many, including those with disabilities, carers, parents, those who live in rural areas, and simply people whose schedules do not always allow the time to attend traditional face to face counselling.

What form does the counselling take?

I offer two forms of online counselling, either via web cam or instant messaging. Which works for you is a lot about personal preference, but also how comfortable you are with various formats. Its worth considering how you usually interact online. You do not need to be a technical wizard however, I would talk you through any questions you have about the platforms used, including how to keep our sessions private from other members of the household if necessary.

Things to consider

Whilst online counselling can seem ideal with its greater flexibility there are things to consider when deciding whether it is for you.

  • Privacy: would you be able to ensure there was a time, and place each week where you would be able to attend sessions without interruptions.
  • Confidentiality: When using a shared computer or network confidentiality can be an issue. However I could talk you through any worries you might have to ensure our sessions remained confidential.
  • Familiarity: Using new platforms for communication can seem daunting. However most are quite straightforward, and I can provide a simple how to guide for those not used to either web cams or instant messaging.


Sessions last 50 minutes and cost between £20 and £50 per session. I offer a limited number of lower cost sessions for those on low incomes, if cost is a barrier please contact me to discuss these.I do not ask for proof of income, simply trust you to know your own financial situation the best. .

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