Depression is a huge term, often applied to very different experiences. Churchill described it as “the black dog” which hounded him. JK Rowling has explained that the dementors of Harry Potter were her attempt to represent what depression felt like to her. Sometimes depression is the result of life experiences, sometimes a result of biology and very often a combination of the two.

Can counselling help with depression?

Whilst there are many excellent medical treatment for depression, and I would never discourage anyone from contacting their GP to explore if there one that works for them, talking therapies work well along side them.

In counselling you can not only discover the roots of depression, but also look at current events and life choices to discover what may be triggering how you feel. I take an intergrationist approach, which means I am trained in, and use a variety of techniques to help a client explore that works for them. Therapy can be like tacking an over grown garden, you know you might need to do the heavy spade work at some point, but first you need to be prepared and have the right tools for the job.

If you are currently struggling with depression, may I sincerely say well done for clicking on this page, even the smallest task can seem monumental. If you wish to discuss how counselling may help you you can email me on or call 07442808719, feel free to leave a message and I will respond within 24 hours.