Contact Details and Pricing

If you would like to talk about online or outdoor therapyyou can email me on or use the contact form below.

An initial consultation would take place free of charge, either via telephone, email or video conferencing to discuss the suitability of counselling for you. I am aware many people find telephoning increases their anxiety, and all arrangements can take place via email if you wish.

Sessions usually last for 50 minutes and cost between £40 and £65 depending on ability to pay.. Longer sessions are available, and please contact me if this is something you would like to discuss. I believe passionately in improving access to therapy for those groups for whom cost is so often a barrier. Therefore I do not ask for proof of income, and largely clients determine for themselves what they can afford. Some clients have also generously offered to subsidise places for those on low income, so if you are worried about cost please, still get in touch to discuss what might work for you. If you would like to contribute towards a bursary for a GRSD client on a low income, please also get in touch.

For students of counselling who have to undertake mandatory therapy, sessions cost £35. I find working with those making their first steps into a career which I have found so rewarding an incredibly uplifiting experience.


2 thoughts on “Contact Details and Pricing

  1. Hi there, I am a fully qualified counsellor, specialising in grief counselling, and am currently struggling to get my online counselling business off the ground. In fact, to date I haven’t had any clients at all and I have been qualified for well over a year! I know I am in theory your competition, but please, if you have any valuable advice that could get me on the move with things, I would be so grateful! Thank you. Kind regards Louise Ford.


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