Maybe it is 20Bi-teen

For many years bi, pan and queer people have felt like the “red haired step child” at the table when it comes to representation. Bi Health Month is barely marked by the larger LGBT orgs in the UK, and to add insult to the injury of bi-erasure more attention is given to LBT womens health week in the middle of the month than any issue bi people face.

It feels however as if, finally, things might be changing for the better. Personally this year got off to a great start as I presented a workshop on working with bi people at the BPS annual conference. From sexual assault and violence to poorer mental health the issues which bi people face are no longer being subsumed within the L&G or ignored altogether. Last week I worked with Online Events to increase awareness and understanding of therapists. Then just today two very different strands of bi activism have highlighted that bi voices are louder, and perhaps being heard like never before

BBC newsbeat have been shadowing the Bi Pride UK team for the past year. It is a charity which I am so proud to be involved with, fighting to ensure their are spaces where everyone can celebrate who they are. The documentary also highlights the prejudice, discrimination and violence bi people face. At times it is a difficult watch, but it is a vital one if we are to tackle biphobia

Also today saw the publication of the #BwiththeT open letter. Written and coordinated by Lois Shearing it follows #LwiththeT and #GwiththeT , reminding us of the importance of standing united against those who would divide us. The letter is still open to signatories, and as Lois wrote this solidarity is so important;

Bisexual trans people are one of the most vulnerable demographics within the LGBTQIA+ community, particularly in terms of the rates of sexual violence. Trans and nonbinary people of colour especially, are incredibly vulnerable to rape and sexual assault. Our commitment against transphobia must be mindful of the ways it intersects with other marginalisations; especially racism, classism, misogyny, and ableism.

Perhaps its simply a good moment in time, perhaps its the small shoots of something new, either way it feels right to celebrate. Maybe it really is 20-biteen

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