Advanced Accredited GSRD Therapist

During the summer I decided to tackle my own imposter syndrome by applying for accreditation with Pink Therapy, the countries leading gender, sexuality and relationship diverse counselling and training organisation. As it says on the Pink Therapy Website, the advantages of accreditation to clients are clear.

  • You’ve met our standards for reflective practice and supervision support;
  • You’re equipped with specialist knowledge about the specific issues they face;
  • You’re experienced in delivering GSRD therapy (GSRDT) with the truly welcoming, inclusive approach they’re seeking.

My supervisor encouraged me to apply for advanced accreditation, which goes further;

Requirements Advanced Accreditation (AAGSRDT)
  • 120 hours CPD during the past five years consisting of: training, conferences, constructive participation or having made a significant contribution to the field
  • Reading and other media
  • 300 practice hours with a minimum of five clients, groups or supervisees during the past five years, or a 3000 word case study
  • Personal statement of 500-1500 words
  • Supervisor’s endorsement

It is with great pleasure and pride that I can say I was awarded AAGSRDT this week. Passionate as I am about the GSRD communities receiving the best therapy possible, where experience is backed by training, and continuous CPD, this feels like putting my values into action. In a year which has had many black spots, it also feels like a positive moment to share, as we move forward into 2021

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