Digital Marketing for Counsellors -Half Day Online Training -Feb 27th

How do I market my counselling practice successfully?

How do I attract clients now I am online?

Do I need a blog/website/Facebook page/instagram /twitter? How do I choose?

How do I keep my personal Facebook and Facebook page separate 

How do I use social media ethically?

How do I sell without being salesy?

The current situation has made nearly all of us evaluate how we run our businesses, and adapt how we meet our clients, but how do we let potential clients know about what we are doing? With so many social media channels to choose from and advice coming in from all angles about getting a website, writing blogs and posting on more channels, it’s hard to know where to start or what to do for the best.

This course is designed to help you think about  where your business is now, where you want to go and the actions you need to take to get there. This half day workshop will include advice specific to counsellors and teach you how to develop a strategy that is suitable for your goals and resources. It includes; 

How to develop a digital marketing strategy that’s simple and easy to follow

How to successfully identify your digital marketing goals

How to prioritise what you need to do 

How to use social media ethically whilst maintaining professional boundaries

In addition to this workshop you can sign up for a one to one session to help you with your specific needs and technical guidance. 

Helen Marsters is a freelance consultant specialising in website content, marketing consultation and social media management for a variety of organisations and individuals. Her experience spans the not-for-profit and public sectors as well as small businesses and start-ups.

Helen has an MSc with Distinction in Digital Marketing.

Karen Pollock is an experienced counsellor and trainer. They have run successful online courses on working on zoom, walking therapy and working with LGBTQ people. A published author they share Helen’s passionate belief that everyone can be successful in private practice, with the right knowledge and skills. 


£30 -includes attendance at the workshop, your own copy of the workbook and a CPD attendance certificate 

£60 – all of the above, plus a dedicated one on one session after the workshop

Follow the link to book your place –Digital Marketing for Counsellors

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