Stay Safe -Stay Home -Week 7

So here we are, a little later than usual, due to the Prime Ministers message this evening,which I wanted to listen to before writing this weeks journal entry.

It has been the week of waiting, and waiting is exhausting, and anxiety producing, at a time when people were already feeling their anxiety rise. You may also have noticed that despite the speech this is still titled, stay safe, stay home. We are still in lockdown, and frankly, we do not need more alertness, when simply going into a supermarket increases everyone’s anxiety, when our threat antenana are fully exteneded every time we leave the house – we are all quite alert enough.

However, as I have been saying in sessions we can all just take responsibility for our own actions, and our own risk assessments. It is with this in mind that I have been considering exactly what my practice will look like in the coming months. Face to face sessions, even with the extra hygiene and infection control measures I put in place pre-lockdown do not feel responsible right now. However walking therapy, especially living as I do in a rural area with many quiet roads and paths, may not only suit the current situation but also feel safer for clients who do not want to use online methods.

As we consider change, of any kind, it can feel scary, change which is being opposed by scientists and experts can feel very frightening indeed. However it feels important to say that I am very aware that choosing to stay home is a privilege. Many people do not have safe homes, have to work, must put themselves at risk in order to pay the bills. Understanding that truly, everyone is doing the best they can,with the resources available to them, showing compassion, allows us to replace fear and anger with love.

So, stay home,stay safe, protect the NHS, and show love towards those who cannot

in solidarity


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